Hand - Poured


Our candles are made using plant-based waxes; they are a completely natural and renewable resource and the preferred choice in the journey towards sustainability. This reliable supply source provides a list of environmental advantages, including;
• Non-toxic
• Biodegradable
• Clean burning
• Completely free of animal-derived substances.

We want our hand-poured artisanal soy candles to symbolise hope and relief. We want to remind you that you made it through another day, and you're doing great!


Jumbo 1.3 kg

A beautiful centrepiece for any decor, our favourite, is now available in a larger jumbo size with a triple wick.


These vessels have had extraordinary market testing results – they truly are loved by all.


Limited Edition

Discover the joy of soy with our gorgeous scented candles.


If you want longer-lasting enjoyment, sometimes bigger is better. Our candles have a whopping 80+ hr burn time in a range of scents that will blow your mind. 

limited edition